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MISTERREOS is a series of Spanish-language mysteries that come in the mail (misterios + correo = misterreos). For each mystery, a clue is sent weekly (for approximately ten weeks). Each week's clue includes the following:

- a letter from the detective (written in Spanish and in English, so that students of all ability levels can participate; the letters are written on separate pieces of paper so that the teacher can remove the English letter if desired)
- physical evidence or a link to an online clue


Misterreos can be ordered by anyone - a Spanish teacher, a homeschool parent, or anyone else who is interested in practicing Spanish in a fun way.

The first mystery - El geólogo desparecido - costs $30 if mailed to a US address, or $50 if mailed to a non-US address. Again, clues will be mailed weekly until the final clue is mailed.

Will order be mailed to US or non-US address?